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Viva Infusions and Wellness Aims to Help You Feel Better

Viva Infusions and Wellness Aims to Help You Feel Better

Amanda Eagan’s journey to becoming a medical provider has been wrought with challenges. Raised in a strict religious environment in which she was told that there would be “no sickness in the ‘New World,’” she was originally discouraged from venturing into medicine and therefore worked to become a theater and voice major at a performing arts school in Florida. However, when she developed vocal nodules and was told she would never sing again, she pursued a Speech Language Pathology Degree—“so [she] could help others regain what [she] had lost.”

However, a move to North Carolina, which she did on a whim after she became restless in her line of work, led her to pursue work in the ophthalmology field. She was moved from the ranks of technician, to scribe, then to scrubbing surgeries. It was the physicians at that clinic that would encourage her to become a nurse. However, upon deciding to venture into anesthesiology, she contacted the Air Force and was accepted as a First Lieutenant during the time she gained acceptance for a doctorate program in anesthesiology. Despite this acceptance, she still owed time to the military—and five years later, she was not only an Afghanistan veteran but was married and had an eighteen-month-old daughter. It was at this point that she began her anesthesia training at the age of 41.

“I like to say everything happens for a reason,” Eagan writes. “Life was extremely hard, but my endurance got me through it all, and I am a better person because of it.”

These challenges, and her endurance in overcoming them, eventually led her to start her Wisconsin clinic called Viva Infusions & Wellness, which provides health and wellness enthusiasts holistic health solutions such as vitamin infusions, weight loss programs, and other wellness services, as well as ketamine therapy, HRT, TRT, and specialty labs etc.

“When you walk into Viva Infusions & Wellness you will be greeted with a warm smile, the smell of lemongrass and lavender, you will be listened to and appreciated for your journey,” Eagan states. “While you sip on our handcrafted Dreamweaver hot tea from the local Telasan Tea and are wrapped with a thick, warm blanket you can recline back and be thankful that you have taken time out for you.”

Amanda Eagan’s compassion for helping people has been cultivated throughout her entire life, and she says it brings her great joy to make someone feel better with not just a small touch on the hand, but attention to detail as well.

Viva Infusions has partnered with Just Get Known, a marketing agency specializing in elevating brands of clinics that prioritize patient care. This collaboration aims to enhance healthcare quality and set industry standards.

Viva Infusions & Wellness has always aimed to help people feel better. Whether it be by offering holistic practices to help with energy and immunity deficiencies, or even Ketamine infusion treatments that can help with mood problems such as depression and physical chronic pain issues, Amanda Eagan and the staff at Viva Infusions & Wellness want you to be, and feel like you are, your best self. Their practice is located at 132 S 1st St in Mt Horeb, Wisconsin, and they look forward to helping you next!

*All opinions are those of the contributors. This is in no way medical advice. Consult your physician before considering any treatment.

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