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Rallying for a Fighter: The Story of Chad and the GoFundMe Campaign Supporting His Battle Against Cancer

Rallying for a Fighter: The Story of Chad and the GoFundMe Campaign Supporting His Battle Against Cancer

Cancer: A six-letter word with the power to turn lives upside down. Garrett Mendelsohn knows this all too well, as he has watched a dear friend and business partner wage a tireless war against bone cancer. Through this arduous journey, one thing has become apparent - the disease is ruthless, and the treatment is taxing, but a fighter’s spirit can never be extinguished.

Chad, a dedicated father, husband, and resilient fighter in the arena of life, was diagnosed with bone cancer last winter. Mendelsohn has set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist Chad and his family through this challenging ordeal.

Chad’s tale is one of courage and tenacity. Despite his diagnosis and the taxing toll of his treatments, he continues to put on a brave face, dedicating himself to his family of five beautiful children. His condition, marked by a large tumor close to his heart, has turned his life into an unanticipated journey marked by hardship and constant medical intervention.

However, Chad’s spirit remains unbroken in this difficult chapter of his life. He continues to play an integral part in his family, providing love and security for his children, despite the odds stacked against him. He also remains committed to his work with Garrett and the Solar Bootcamp and SBU.live team, displaying unwavering resilience.

Mendelsohn’s GoFundMe campaign is a rallying cry for all to lend their support. As Chad’s business partner, he witnessed Chad’s selfless dedication to his family and tireless commitment to the solar sales industry. Now, he’s inviting everyone to be a part of this profound cause to lighten Chad’s load and aid him in his battle against cancer.

Mendelsohn’s business, Solar Bootcamp, is a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the solar industry. With its straightforward, actionable content, the program has grown rapidly, attracting diverse participants. Despite Chad’s health challenges, he has remained vital to this endeavor.

The business’s newest initiative, SBU.live, is an innovative platform designed to meld the solar sales industry with elements of eSports, live streaming, and competitive sales. As the world’s first eSports sales platform, it offers a unique approach to solar sales, allowing representatives to compete in live-streamed sales competitions.

Chad’s involvement in these pioneering ventures is a testament to his spirit and commitment. His continuous push to contribute despite his personal struggles has significantly impacted both Solar Bootcamp and SBU.live.

Today, as Chad fights his own battle, Mendelsohn’s GoFundMe campaign allows us to join forces in support. It’s an invitation to stand beside a man who has displayed immense strength and resolve and offer comfort and assistance when needed.

This campaign is a reminder of the power of community and shared humanity. It underlines that even superheroes like Chad sometimes need a helping hand. And it emphasizes the belief that no one should fight alone.

So, as Chad’s story unfolds, it’s our turn to step in and show our support—every contribution, whether big or small, counts. Let’s band together to lighten Chad’s burden, giving him the strength to continue his brave fight. In doing so, we reaffirm our shared commitment to stand by each other in need. As Chad battles his disease, let’s ensure he knows he’s not alone.

Chad’s courage, Garrett’s dedication, and the power of a united community

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