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Discover How Energy Storage Is Making Homeowner´s Lives Easier.

Discover How Energy Storage Is Making Homeowner´s Lives Easier.

For Californians effective power generation and storage has become a priority, companies like San Diego based NeoVolta have created the perfect solution to a problem that homeowners had been facing for much too long.

The superior quality NV14 system allows for powerful performance, increased storage capabilities and zero percent grid reliance. This means when everything goes dark, your home will remain powered for up to a whopping 365 days.

Home energy storage is on the verge of going mainstream, with better and more affordable technology. California is even offering $830 million in cash rebates for installing solar storage. Still, it’s important to choose the right battery.

Lead-acid batteries are less expensive but have a short life span, require maintenance, and don’t discharge anywhere near 100% of their voltage. The better option is a lithium-based battery, and here again you have options: the more common lithium ion vs. the newer lithium iron phosphate technology.

Head to head, lithium iron phosphate offers clear advantages. Its superior thermal and chemical stability and non-toxic cells make it safer than lithium ion. It also has an extremely long life cycle. One of the latest lithium iron phosphate systems is the NeoVolta NV14 battery energy storage system, which stands out for its safe, non-toxic battery that offers longer life and better performance in high temperatures. The NeoVolta smartphone app allows you to monitor the system’s performance 24/7, and it comes with a ten-year warranty.

For the first time, homeowners are able to store the endless energy provided by the sun, and use it at will when it matters most.

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