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Irene Noren And The Pursuit Of Collective Empowerment

Irene Noren And The Pursuit Of Collective Empowerment

Growing up in a small town in Spain, Irene had a clear objective: to discover how far her talent, entrepreneurial spirit and natural beauty could take her and what exactly she could do to inspire and empower others around her.

Now based in Paris, the successful actress, model, fashion influencer and accomplished entrepreneur has taken her philosophy to the next level by consolidating her image as a centerfold for global brands such as YSL, Puma, Fenty Beauty, Revolve and Nastygal to name a few.

Irene got her start being cast in a film when she was only 8 years old and has never looked back – since then she has gone on to collaborate with international stars like Antonio Banderas with whom she shot a television commercial, and has also gone deep into entrepreneurship.

Some of Irene´s projects include her own sustainable fashion label and clothing brand adequately named IN by Irene, she is also working on inspiring books and has organized meet-ups in Los Angeles designed to empower and bring together young, successful women just like her.

Irene has big plans for 2020, and she is focused on achieving her goals – which she is certain will help blaze new trails for aspiring young artists and entrepreneurs around the world, as her biggest desire is to help others succeed and accomplish their dreams.

What is your biggest goal for 2020?

As an ambitious person my goals are always improving and keep learning, but there are some projects that I want to finish next year. Launching my clothing brand IN by Irene is probably the most exciting one but also I’m going to self publish my first book where I talk about my values and life philosophy and I’m also working on developing an app for my non profit company that basically will help women around the world to feel comfortable and empowered.

Name 3 people that inspire you and why.

Growing up my grandmother will always be a huge inspiration to me, not only because of her manners but also for the way she sees the world, in a very pure and healthy way.

Emily Ratajkowski is a huge inspiration too, not only because she motivates me to physically have a body like her but also because the way she respects herself and the way she moved from model to entrepreneur is very inspiring. I love how she empowers women and how confident she is. Last I will say myself, I came a long way, fighting, falling and I have always picked myself up. I have suffered a lot growing up, I had family problems, relationship problems, I have been judged many times but no matter how bad the situation is I always find a way to keep going and move on and more important never hurting anyone in the process.

Share with us at least one major challenge you’ve had to overcome.

Growing up in a very small town opportunities where very scarce, so for me the fact of working hard to be able to move to a bigger city, and build my confidence from zero (after a break up that took me years to overcome) move to Los Angeles with no friends, build my career and being able to recognize my path and mission through years of self studying about philosophy and spirituality until the point I get to inspire and help people to be confident to follow their dreams, it’s for sure one of the major challenges I had overcome.

Follow Irene on Instagram: @irenenoren

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