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Get To Know London Olive: A Rising Star In The Fashion World

Get To Know London Olive: A Rising Star In The Fashion World

The global fashion scene has witnessed a vast amount of talented models, however only a select few manage to make a mark on one of the biggest global industries, small town native London Olive is certainly one of them.

We sat down with the captivating starlet who is represented by top tier agencies on a global level such as fashion powerhouse Linden Staub London, Storm LA, Next Models Miami and Fivetwenty Australia to name a few, and we decided to get to know her better.

T.I. - What inspired you to start modeling?

L.O. - I was always into fitness and health growing up playing sports. When the opportunity presented itself for me to model, I soon became fascinated by the art and beauty of it all.

T.I. - How did you get your start?

L.O.- I was discovered at 15 but wanted to finish high school. I started my career at 18 when I flew to London England right after graduating high school.

T.I. - Who are your role models in the industry?

L.O. - I really look up to Haley Clauson as she started the hashtag #thebestmeforme. She spoke out about how she was told her womanly figure would end her modeling career. She didn’t give up and has been very successful. Her body positivity is so inspiring.

T.I.- What has your favorite modeling job been and why?

L.O.- It is hard to pinpoint one job. Traveling all over the world and working with sweet & talented people is what makes the job so fun. I love having a team that likes to laugh and work hard.

T.I. - Where can we find you? (Billboards, storefronts, any current campaigns, etc.?)

L.O. - I just shot a big campaign in LA. Look for me in stores & billboards all over the country in Spring 2020. Have to keep the company a secret.

T.I. - Where have you traveled for work? Anywhere in particular that stands out?

L.O. - I’ve traveled many places around the world. London, Hamburg, Berlin, Milan, Panama, Paris. One place in particular, Switzerland. I flew there for work & loved seeing its beauty.

T.I. - Describe your career goals.

L.O. - I strive to be the best version of myself I can be and hope to impact young girls in a positive way. I want to continue to share the importance of taking care of yourself and health. I hope to continue to work and book jobs like sports illustrated that embrace such beautiful strong women!

T.I. - What type of role does Instagram play in your daily life and career?

L.O. - I use my Instagram as another work platform. I love sharing things from my healthy cooking to keeping friends up to date on my travels/jobs. I want to use my Instagram to shine a light on the importance of a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally.

T.I. - Today, brands are often looking for multidimensional models that bring another quality or attribute, aside from their beautiful looks, to the table. What do you believe makes you stand out?

L.O. - Kindness. I believe that each of us has a purpose and that we are all equal. I take that into each job I am blessed to have. Also, I am an athlete. I have been a tennis player and have always loved playing sports. I wanted to play tennis in college before I discovered my love for modeling. I am very athletic and love to spend my free time learning more about nutrition.

T.I. - What’s next?

L.O. - I will be headed to Australia sometime early in the new year for work. Who knows where I’ll go from there. It’s a big beautiful world and I’m in it to discover where it takes me.

Director: Dimetri Hogan
Talent: London Olive @ Storm LA
Beauty: Mary Kendall

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