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Natural Beauty is Making a Comeback: Introducing Viktoria

Natural Beauty is Making a Comeback: Introducing Viktoria

With new trends shaking the fashion world and natural beauty making a big comeback, we decided to get to know one of the breakout models of 2019 who is sure to have an even bigger year ahead.

What inspired you to start modeling?

I could say the main reason was traveling, not every girl gets a chance to travel around the world in such young age . I Started modeling when I was 15 and for me traveling to different countries such as Japan was something incredible and unbelievable.

How did you get your start?

My mom persuaded me to go to a modeling school in my home town (I did not want to be a model in the first place) I actually couldn’t believe that I can ever be a model, and after few month, there was a casting for my agency and I made it, everything went so fast that in 6 months I flew for my first contract to Japan.

Who are your role models in the industry?

My main role model in any industry is my mom, She is very genuine, principled, kind, smart and strong woman and that is what I want and I´m trying to be.

Describe your first modeling job.

It was awful. When I started modeling I didn’t speak English, like at all! So I got a job for Japanese clothing brand, and they had to translate literally every word in google translate for me.

What has your favorite modeling job been and why?

I love shooting editorials, it is always an art, we have so much freedom for Fantasy to create something unique. One of my favorites was for «Marie Claire» magazine in Thailand, we were shooting a «Chanel» story in an old beautiful castle.

Where can we find you? (Billboards, storefronts, any current campaigns, etc.?)

Right now you can find me mostly in Mexico I spent there a lot of time this year while renewing my USA visa, the most recent campaign came out for «Skechers» Mexico and Cover story for «Grazia» Mexico. Here in LA campaign for «Tilly’s» is coming soon too.

Where have you traveled for work? Anywhere in particular that stands out?

I have traveled a lot around Asia and Europe for work until I came to New York (that was love at first sight) and then LA of course. Now I’m settled in the west coast

Describe your career goals.

In the short term I want to go work in a few countries that I never been before (England, Australia) and work with local brands over there.


Director: Dimetri Hogan
Model: Viktoria @ The Industry
Beauty: Mary Kendall
Instagram: @vikrdnk
Based: Los Angeles
Agency Representation: The Industry

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