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The BAM FAM Highlights a Family's Journey of Resilience and Triumph

The BAM FAM Highlights a Family's Journey of Resilience and Triumph

More often than not, reality TV displays an unbelievable scene. Not something amazing or awe-inspiring but truly unbelievable and lacking in the most basic authenticity. That is something the upcoming Amazon Prime show "The BAM FAM" stands to change with raw, unfiltered storytelling.

The series plans to delve deep into the life of Jayson Waller, a self-made entrepreneur, and his family, offering an intimate glimpse of resilience, determination, and the strength of familial bonds.

Jayson’s story is different from the run-of-the-mill success story. It starts with humble beginnings and a meteoric rise as the entrepreneur behind a billion-dollar business. Yet, that is only the beginning of the journey, with Jayson’s company filing for bankruptcy and then losing hundreds of millions.

“The journey through my business ventures has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Building a billion-dollar company was a dream come true, but facing a product liability issue with one of our trusted partners was a nightmare. It wasn’t just about numbers - it was heart-wrenching watching 2,400 employees lose their jobs and leaving 40,000 customers without hope,” recalled Jayson when asked about his past.

Yet, it is precisely Jayson’s experience and what he learned from it — the importance of accountability and the impact of decisions — that make him so worth watching on the screen.

Jayson explains, “This journey, with all its ups and downs, led me to the BAM FAM show. It’s here that I share these raw experiences, hoping to inspire resilience and perseverance in others facing their business and personal challenges.”

The show will be a direct line to Jayson’s experience and hard-earned understanding of not only entrepreneurship but life itself. Through his day-to-day and the interactions with his family, viewers might just learn a valuable nugget or two.

But Jayson is only one aspect of "The BAM FAM." It stands as a collective saga that features his wife Liz and their children - Hannah, Kenzie, Londyn, and Christian - each with their own unique perspective.

In particular, Liz Waller serves as the family’s central pillar, both during times of stability and when things are tough. When asked how she manages while also balancing her own ambitions, she said, “I go back to what Mel Robbins recently spoke about, the ‘Let Them Theory.’ When you let go and ‘Let Them’ do what it is that they want to do, it creates more control and emotional peace for you and a better relationship with the people in your life.”

Liz also added that she likes to keep a touch of positivity at all times, avoiding stress to maintain a healthy body. The approach, along with family unity, has taken the Waller’s a long way.

Still, there are plenty of challenges involved. Kenzie Waller mentioned the difficulties of discussing personal situations in front of a camera. For her, one of the most challenging moments was discussing her accidental drug overdose.

“It was a very difficult time and situation for me, and as the months go on, it is still sensitive. But I also love that people can relate and feel understood in a way with me. I hope that my story does bring awareness to the fentanyl epidemic and how easily it can take someone’s life,” expresses Kenzie.

Sharing similar sentiments, Londyn Waller called it a “balancing act.” While the show has a lot to offer, she says it has been used “as fuel to be mean or backhanded” by many. Ultimately, she says that the “family has continued to get closer,” but there are both positives and negatives — all of which are explored in the show.

"The BAM FAM" aims to be more than entertainment. The goal is for the show to also serve as a learning experience that offers practical wisdom and motivational insights from a family that has lived through extraordinary circumstances.

The show’s launch party will take place in Boca Raton on January 19th, 2024. Those looking to attend should grab tickets while they are still available!

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