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Roobet and UFC, a Match Made in Heaven

Roobet and UFC, a Match Made in Heaven

The recent news of sports clothing brand Puma partnering up with one of the world’s most renowned pop stars, A$AP Rocky, intrigued many across the world. The musician is set to be the Creative Director for Formula 1’s Partnership with Puma, ushering in a new age of collaborations between music, fashion, and sports.

While we operate in a very different space, the point still stands. To stay relevant and at the forefront of your industry, online entertainment brands like us need to get creative if we want to keep our audience’s attention.

If done right, partnerships can have a mammoth impact on your brand. Whether a short-term collaboration or something more permanent, partnerships can be woven into the fabric of your brand while also reinforcing existing product philosophies.

Like many of us in the industry, Roobet’s focus is to keep on empowering the community through competition and innovation. We like to seek out partnerships with our kind of people, with those who value their friends and fans as much as Roobet does.

At Roobet, we make space for every kind of gamer.

Whether you’re more of a general sports fan or your focus is on Esports, there is something for everyone. From baseball to CS:GO, we’ve got it all.

As we are fiercely competitive but also extremely community-powered, this is why we have partnered with UFC.

Roobet feels a strong connection with the UFC world. Roobet grew from a niche corner of a much larger industry and carved out space for itself, as did UFC with the sporting world.

One of our core MMA partnerships at Roobet is with Charles Oliviera. Former UFC lightweight champion, Oliviera embodies the spirit of creativity, individuality, and that competitive streak that defines our Roobet community, and we bring that ethos to our community. Charles came up from very humble beginnings, and so did we - Roo was built brick by brick, slowly, with a lot of ups and downs.

With our continued support and passion for sports and esports, we’re still able to work with real-life champion athletes.

Another one of our fighters behind our exclusive partnerships is Brandon Moreno.

Moreno, also known as ‘The Assassin Baby’, was one of Roobet’s first official betting partnerships. We go back a long way and understand each other. We know that people who come to us to use crypto tend to favor other new and disruptive forces, and in the sporting world we know this means MMA and esports.

We love to support our ambassadors, so when Mr Roo interviewed Moreno back in August, we were able to showcase yet again why we partner with folks like this. They are determined, tenacious, and never settle for anything but the best.

As part of one of the many ways we look to give back to our friends and fans, empower community connection through competition, we have decided to give them more opportunities to win.

For example, the Golden Ticket Experience and Roobet.fun have paved the way for new ways of fans engaging and interacting with their favourite celebrities and sportspersons. Our unwavering commitment to our fans and players has enabled us to create yet another way of offering multiple pathways to excitement and rewards.

Our Roobet Picks Predictor Quiz gives every sports fan a little extra action on every game, with nothing to lose. Our free-to-play social casino, Roobet.fun, is adding even more ways to predict, play, and win every day. We want our platforms to keep launching even more innovative ways for fans from all corners of the world to hop in and enjoy.

With Roobet.fun now an Official Partner of the UFC, as well as producing a range of MMA podcasts with fighters such as Brandon Moreno, and Charles Oliveira, UFC runs through our veins. We want to continue giving these fighters a platform to be viewed more as a human being and less as an action figure that stands in a ring and gets their faces punched at.

We are willing to take the time and make the investments in things that we’re passionate about and are fundamentally fun things to do that connect with our core values and engage with our demographic- we do it all for the fans, and ourselves - because we’re fans too.

Roobet and our partners are both committed to building a community of like-minded sports enthusiasts and helping them to participate in their favorite sports in new and exciting ways, and reflect our commitment to community, competition, and empowerment.

Ultimately, our partnerships are not just about business, but about shared values and a mutual passion for what we do. Together with our partners, we aim to redefine how athletes are perceived, humanizing them beyond the ring. It’s a journey we embark on not only for our fans, but because we are fans ourselves.

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