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Seoul Juice: Influencing a Healthier, More Refreshed Future

Seoul Juice: Influencing a Healthier, More Refreshed Future

Seoul Juice, the rapidly growing Korean pear juice brand, recently announced its continued expansion and success in revolutionizing the beverage industry through social media partners and influencers. With its all-natural, no additives, and 3-ingredients only content, Seoul Juice is redefining what it means to be a health beverage in today's market.

The Genesis of a Hydration Revolution

What began as a simple idea in the dorm room of CEO Luis Manta has now become a viral sensation. Seoul Juice has captured the attention of top-tier athletes and social media influencers, making it a rising name in the health and wellness community. Casey Phair, the youngest player in World Cup history, and the brand recently collaborated, along with the Cavinder Twins, who play an important role in forming new collaborations, including an exciting connection with All-American Tiare Jennings. The Cavinder Twins, Sam Howell, Jordan Morris, and other early investors like Zack Teperman and Bob Sirmans, as well as entrepreneurial influencer and VC John Cerasani, represent the brand's strong network of support.

"I never imagined top-tier athletes would be supporting our brand," said Manta. "There is a huge need for clean natural hydration, and we are thrilled to meet that demand."

A Unique Blend: Korean Pear Juice Meets Modern Wellness

Seoul Juice celebrates natural simplicity and efficacy. Unlike its competitors, which contain artificial additives and sweets, Seoul Juice sticks to its all-natural beginnings. The key ingredient in this drink is the Korean pear, which is prized for both its health advantages and crisp flavor. Seoul Juice is designed not only as a thirst quencher but also as a health booster. Manta states, "It's about offering a product I can be proud of—one that genuinely helps people."

Beyond the Beverage: A Vision for Expansion and Influence

As Seoul Juice continues its rapid expansion across the US and Canada, the brand sets its sights on new international markets and increasing its presence on the East Coast. "We are excited about our growth and look forward to bringing Seoul Juice to new locations and audiences," said Manta. Consumers can find Seoul Juice in Harps, select Costco locations, Schnucks, and other grocery stores, as well as online through Amazon.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Passion, Mentorship, and Impact

CEO Luis Manta, driven by a passion for health and helping others, offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: "Start a business you are passionate about where you can help others." Manta emphasizes the importance of working within the industry and seeking mentorship for success. Manta credits his success to his strong support system, including his family, friends, and business partners, and his faith, which has guided him through his entrepreneurial journey.

About Seoul Juice

Seoul Juice is a Korean pear juice beverage offering premium natural hydration. It contains no additives, no added sugars, and is packed with 400 mg of potassium, nearly 4x more than the leading sports drink, along with anti-inflammatory properties. Founded by CEO Luis Manta, Seoul Juice is more than a beverage – it's a commitment to promoting a healthier, more refreshed future and showing that getting the right influencers, athletes and stars, mixed in with media power, can take a start-up drink to new levels instantly!

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