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Yamashiro Hollywood: Examining its Spectacular Japanese-Inspired Architecture and Decor

Yamashiro Hollywood: Examining its Spectacular Japanese-Inspired Architecture and Decor

By Moe Wang

Yamashiro Hollywood, a sushi and Cal-Asian restaurant served amid gardens and a koi pond in the Hollywood Hills, is a hidden gem of Los Angeles’s Japanese restaurants not only for its delicious Japanese fusion cuisine but also for its spectacular Japanese-inspired architecture and decor.

Originally built as a “Mountain Palace,” Yamashiro was built as a replica of a palace in the Yamashiro province mountains near Kyoto, Japan. It was even once home to the exclusive 400 Club, a society of Hollywood’s most elite stars that would come together for private socializations. It also has been a notable part of Hollywood’s entertainment industry for being featured as “Japan” in many media such as Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) and Gone in 60 Seconds (2000).

Highlights from their recent menu include Crab Fried Rice featuring Blue Crab, Tonkatsu (tenderized fried pork chop), Braised Short Rib in red wine, A5 Wagyu Garlic Noodles as well as an updated version of their well-loved Yakitori list. The restaurant is also known for its seafood menus, boasting options like white miso Chilean Sea Bass, Sake Steamed Mussels, and sushi rolls. Each of their seasonal menus is served with ingredients that balance freshness and high quality ingredients.

Besides its delicious cuisines, Yamshiro is also known for its ideal location tucked away into the serene Hollywood Hills, away from the bustling city stress. With an emphasis on harmony with nature, the restaurant’s Japanese aesthetic is also offered in their spectacular Japanese palace architecture, attracting many people for its architectural interest.

As guests step into the restaurant, they will notice its wooden walls decorated with Japanese art, featuring Japanese-inspired aesthetics. A tranquil open air garden that is curated with Japanese flora and a peaceful koi pond further extends as part of the expansive property of Yamashiro. The magical outdoor garden was originally designed by Adolph Bernheimer, one of Bernheimer brothers who founded Yamashiro in 1911, and landscaper Andreas Orum. The original design included a miniature replica of a Japanese village, terraced hills with exotic flora and fauna, and canals and houseboats. Although much of its original design has changed, guests are still able to walk through the gardens and experience a feel of Japanese-inspired architecture and history.

One of its most notable attractions is the 600-year-old Pagoda, a historical place of worship that was originally used to house Buddhist relics and is most widely known as a symbol of wisdom, harmony, health, and good luck. The esteemed guests can visit near the outdoor Pagoda Bar brimmed with symbols of good fortune.

With delicious Japanese-Asian fused dinner options and spectacular views of Los Angeles sprawling below, Yamashiro is a palace restaurant that excites the guests not only for its food but also for its Japanese-inspired divine decor and architecture. Situated in the high altitude where the views overlook the entire city below it, the restaurant will surely allow guests to enjoy a dream-like experience of dining in the heavenly clouds.

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